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What cover does Densura offer?

The indemnity offerings from the DDU, DPL and MDDUS are all unique. The key elements are highlighted in the comparison table below:

Cover Feature DDU/DPL/MDDUS
Clinical Negligence claims up to £10,000,000 Discretionary
Defence Costs in respect of GDC complaints and disciplinary hearings Discretionary
Worldwide Good Samaritan Acts Discretionary
Cover for Dento-Legal reports Discretionary
Cover for Public Liability insurance
Any event arising from activities during the policy period are contractually covered on a perpetual basis Discretionary
Protection of Reputation arising from adverse press, publicity or media attention Discretionary
Access to Dento-Legal Advisers
The insurers and broker involved are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
Legal expense including: cover for HMRC tax investigations; disciplinary hearings; criminal prosecutions Discretionary
Competitive premium that applies wherever you work Not applicable

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