Daisy's Dental Surgery - Being a Dentist Can Be Pretty Hard

We’re on your side and we’ll back you to the hilt...

You’re working in an environment that allows you to concentrate on being a great dentist, not worry about being a businessperson too. We’re a natural extension of this innovative way of working - a better, more reliable choice for your insurance.

We'll save you money – typically you'll pay up to 40% less than you would be charged by the Defence Unions.

Why Densura?

At the heart of Densura is the phenomenal support we deliver when you encounter difficulty.

Densura have a 10 strong team of practising dentists, all with a legal qualification, there to talk you through any patient complaint and guide you through safely.

Our approach is all around early engagement (normally within 2 hours of your first call), early investigation, robust defence where no fault exists and early resolution where you have a liability. Claims don't need to be stressful.

Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd.

Benefits of Densura

Exclusive to Densura dentists, our many benefits include:

No discretion

This is a contractual based policy.

Occurrence-based policy

All events occurring during the period of the policy are covered on a perpetual basis. No run-off cover needed.

We resolve patients' complaints quickly and efficiently

Access to bespoke
Dento-legal advice

Our partnership with RSA

All parties involved are regulated by the FCA

Retroactive Cover

Available when moving from Claims Made Cover

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If you have questions relating to your cover or if you are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 and are worried about paying for your insurance please contact us to discuss the options available to you.