About us

Densura is a bespoke scheme that offers professional indemnity, public/products liability & legal expenses insurance coverage for GDC and criminal prosecutions. Dentists could pay a premium, which is up to 40% less than that available elsewhere.

Furthermore, because it is individually rated, the premium will be based on your unique practice and claims experience providing you with a personal bespoke solution.

Daisy's Dental Surgery - Being a Dentist Can Be Pretty Hard

Your Main Contacts

These guys are the core of our service team. Any questions you have, either as an existing Densura member or if you are thinking of joining, Laura, Matt, Jimmy and James are there to offer help and advice. We are not a nine to five operation, we work when our clients need us so feel free to call anytime. We do sleep, sometimes, so if you call between 20.00 and 08.00 please leave a message and we will be back to you first thing.

Densura Teams

  • Our Dentist Advisers
  • Our in-house Legal Team
  • Our Development Team
  • The Problem Solvers

The reason why dentists join and stay with Densura. These are our dental advisers who will be your first port of call in the event of a patient complaint or regulatory matter. All are dentists, all have a legal qualification and all are dedicated to being by your side and staying there to guide you through what can (but doesn’t need to be) a traumatic experience. Most of the team remain practicing dentists who know what it’s like to be a dentist

Dr Paul Lambden
Dr Julie-Anne Conway
Dr Ian Gordon
Dr Shivani Patel
BDS (Hons), MJDF RCS Eng
Dr Denise Tulip
Dr Diane Bastian
BDS, MML Glasg
Dr Paul Cole
Dr India Beason

An insurer’s lawyer represents the insurer. A Dental Defence Organisation’s lawyer represents the DDO. Most of the time your interests and your indemnifier’s are aligned but at Densura we have in-house lawyers there to advise you and no one else. Flora and Jenny are both solicitors specialising in clinical negligence. Brenda is a registered dental nurse but for the past decade has specialised in clinical complaints handling, including serious incident investigation and management. Together they form a formidable team, there to protect you.

Flora, Jenny and Brenda work with the leading dental indemnity law firms and Barristers Chambers to ensure that, if needed, you are represented by the best. Together with our dental advisers it’s like taking a tank to a gun fight.

We do things differently at Densura. Sometimes you want to see someone face to face at your practice or have a real person come along and talk or present to a group of dentists. Emma, Gina, Ewan and Tom spend all of their time doing just that. Our development team are there to explain the detail and answer any queries if you are thinking of joining us. They like to travel and they love to talk, please feel free to call anytime.

Back in 2013, when DDO fees were rising and a viable alternative was called for, Kevin and Tom worked with Dr Julian Perry and Dr Paul Lambden, then at Oasis, now Bupa, to put together a solution. Densura was born and today they are proud of what has been built and eager to help if needed. Tom has specialised in medical indemnity for 15 years, Kevin has been a broker for twice as long. They probably have the answers.

Densura Timeline

In response to the spiralling costs of indemnity, Oasis Dental approached Lockton in 2013 to try and obtain a better deal for their dentists – broad, secure insurance cover at a fair price.

  • 2014
    In 2014 we launched Oasis Indemnity, supported by A rated insurer Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd and with our own experienced dental-legal advisor, Dr Paul Lambden
  • 2015
    In 2015 we expanded our team, setting up in the heart of Manchester, giving us the ability to cover the UK and prepare for future expansion
  • 2016
    2016 saw us attract our 500th dentist and expand our advisory team to three practicing dentists with a legal qualification
  • 2017
    With BUPA’s (Previously Oasis) blessing, we moved away from working exclusively with BUPA and launched Densura opening up our market-leading product to other dental groups across the UK.
  • 2018
    We expanded our business development team, and launched our online application form, making the process of applying easier.
  • 2019
    By now we had 10 Dental Advisors and had 1,000 dentist clients. We continued to attend several dental events, including the Rodericks’ new starter days and once again, the Dental Forum and {my}dentist’s clinical conference, this time offering several training sessions on managing risk.
  • 2020
    Even with the challenge of COVID 19 we continued to innovate and improve our offering. We expanded Densura to the broader dental market, outside of those working in corporates, along with an offering to Hygienists. A state of the art CPD platform was also introduced.
  • 2021
    We launched our new website, including an on-line premium indication facility. The site includes a hub for all members, meaning everything Densura all sits in one place. Excitingly we also launched Dentrepreneurs, our exclusive club for all Densura clients interested in growing professionally and expanding their network in a collegiate environment.

About Lockton

Lockton is the world's largest privately owned global insurance broker.

As such, our focus is our clients and our people rather than external shareholders. we can make long-term decisions that benefit our clients and improve service delivery. Our 6,000 associates help over 50,000 clients in 125 countries. They place over $20 billion of insurance premiums.

For six consecutive years, Business Insurance magazine has recognised Lockton as a 'Best Place to Work in Insurance'.

Our clients value our bespoke solutions, innovative ideas and great service rather than efforts to sell more products. StrategicRISK's 2015 UK Corporate Insurance Buyers Survey (a survey of insurance buyers in FTSE 250 companies) ranked Lockton top of all brokers for 'client responsiveness'.

Our Partners

Omnyy is a Managing General Agent providing innovative capacity and underwriting services for clients around the globe. We are committed to adding value through a range of pioneering initiatives, our client-centric insurance services support and promote the market position of our partners.

This policy is in partnership with RSA and ARAG PLC to provide our insured with the best possible indemnity solution.

RSA will provide the key component of the insurance; the Professional Indemnity to protect against any claims of clinical negligence and public and products liability claims. It will also provide disciplinary and General Dental Council indemnity for patient-related matters.

The addition of the ARAG PLC policy provides legal expenses cover for disciplinary and GDC issues outside of patient-related matters.

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As part of our service to you, we will send you marketing communications from time to time which may include risk or insurance related information or details of services, or products, or events, which we think, may be of interest to you.

If you have questions relating to your cover or if you are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 and are worried about paying for your insurance please contact us to discuss the options available to you.