Dental Indemnity Insurance

Proper indemnity insurance, by dentists.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The UK’s most trusted dental indemnity provider

Densura is a bespoke scheme that offers professional indemnity, public/products liability & legal expenses insurance coverage for GDC and criminal prosecutions. Dentists could pay a premium, which is less than that available elsewhere.

Furthermore, because it is individually rated, the premium will be based on your unique practice and claims experience providing you with a personal bespoke solution.

Expert advice from real dentists.

These are our dental advisers who will be your first port of call in the event of a patient complaint or regulatory matter.

All are dentists, all have a legal qualification and all are dedicated to being by your side and staying there to guide you through what can (but doesn’t need to be) a traumatic experience. Most of the team remain practicing dentists who know what it’s like to be a dentist.

In-house lawyers who’ve got your back.

An insurer’s lawyer represents the insurer. A Dental Defence Organisation’s lawyer represents the DDO.

Most of the time your interests and your indemnifier’s are aligned but at Densura we have in-house lawyers there to advise you and no one else. Flora and Jenny are both solicitors specialising in clinical negligence. Brenda is a registered dental nurse but for the past decade has specialised in clinical complaints handling. Together they’re there to protect you.

Why choose Densura for your Dental Indemnity?

1. Contractual Based Policy
2. Expert dento-legal support
3. 2-hour response time
4. Covers vicarious liability
5. Retroactive cover
6. No call centres

Insurance for dentists

You’re working in an environment that allows you to concentrate on being a great dentist, not worry about being a businessperson too. We’re a natural extension of this innovative way of working – a better, more reliable choice for your insurance.


​We’re on your side and we’ll back you to the hilt.

What does our dental indemnity insurance cover?