About Us

Any questions you have, either as an existing Densura member or if you are thinking of joining, our dedicated team are there to offer help and advice.

We are not a nine to five operation, we work when our clients need us so feel free to call anytime. We do sleep, sometimes, so if you call between 20.00 and 08.00 please leave a message and we will be back to you first thing.

Meet the Densura team

The Development Team

Looking for a quote or thinking about switching? Get in touch with Ewan, Louis, Paul or Dipul.

Ewan Johnson

Assistant Vice President


07918 953403

Paul Leahy

Assistant Vice President


07721 160133

Dipul Vaitha

Louis Moore-Nye

Jolanta Ribakova

Our in-house legal team

Flora, Brenda, Julian and Paul work with the leading dental indemnity law firms and Barristers Chambers to ensure that, if needed, you are represented by the best.

Brenda Wilbourn


Dr Julian Perry


Dr Paul Lambden

Our dental advisors

Julie-Ann Conway

Sheila D'Souza

Paul Cole

India Beason

Shivani Patel

Denise Tulip

Our in-house support team

Our in-house team are on hand when you need them for support with any queries or questions about your Densura membership.

Hannah Beckingham

Complaints and Claim Co-ordinator


Emily Patmore

Hasan Sutluceli

Joshua Gosling

Nathan Parker

Our corporate/group indemnity team

James Gunn

Vice President


The Problem Solver

In 2013, amidst escalating DDO fees and the need for a practical alternative, Kevin collaborated with Dr Julian Perry and Dr Paul Lambden, formerly of Oasis and now with Bupa, to devise a solution. Their collaboration gave rise to Densura, an indemnity provider that authentically places the well-being of our clients at the forefront of what we do. Kevin has been involved with indemnity for nearly 40 years and is determined to make Densura the indemnifier of choice for all dentists.

Kevin Culliney