Here at Densura, we have a long-standing relationship with Colosseum Dental and we’re constantly looking at how we can support our partners.

For dental indemnity, we have your back.

Read on for five reasons why you’ll love our contractual cover at a no-brainer cost.

It’s easy peasy.

Here’s the first of our 5 reasons to switch, and it’s a simple one! A recent review said, “I’ve recently switched to Densura and found the company very user-friendly. Ewan was great at assisting me and providing quotes and documents very efficiently. Very easy set up process, would recommend…”

A problem shared…

What other insurance company would you just call up for advice, even without a claim? We have 12 dento-legal experts ready to take your call, at no additional cost to you. How often do you hear ‘legal advice’ and ‘no cost’ in the same sentence? Never!

We’re kind to your pocket.

Our pricing is sensible. And call us predictable, but we don’t inflate premiums wildly from year to year. Your renewal quote will never raise eyebrows, and in return, you’ll get contractual cover. That’s it!

Our cover is non-discretionary.

Cover means cover, right? Not really. The traditional DDUs offer discretionary cover, which protects you on a discretionary basis. The clue is in the name! If you run into a legal issue, don’t you want to know that you’ll be represented, and importantly, there’s a regulated insurance company there to pay out if needed?

Be part of our community.

Not only do we provide exceptional, personalised cover from a trusted and experienced team of experts, we are also key contributors to the dental industry via our wide and ever-growing range of free online resources and our online community — The Dentrepreneurs.

Hear from our team about how easy it is to switch.

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