As we continue our series on the “Five Reasons to Switch Your Dental Indemnity Insurance Provider”, the first question many people ask is about the ease of switching. Is it a straightforward process to switch to Densura?

Ewan Johnson: Absolutely, it’s a seamless process. All that’s needed is to visit our website, There’s a simple “Apply” button; completing the online proposal shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Once submitted, it comes directly to our office, allowing us to generate quotes based on that proposal. Provided we have all necessary details, it’s a rapid and efficient system.

I came across a stellar review about you from a customer who transitioned over. They mentioned appreciating some “hand-holding”. Is there an advisor available for those considering the switch?

Ewan: We pride ourselves on our accessibility. We aren’t strictly a nine-to-five operation. Many dentists find time post-surgery, maybe around six or seven in the evening. I always stress flexibility on our end. It could be a Saturday morning, or during lunch. A 10-15 minute conversation can make all the difference. We’re here whenever it’s convenient for the dentist.

Moving on, you have a team of 12 legally-trained dentists ready to assist when called upon. Could you walk us through how a dentist would reach out to one of these advisors?

Ewan: Absolutely. If there’s a potential claim, patient complaint, GDC investigation, or any related issue, we urge our dentists to get in touch. We promise an advisor, one of our legal experts, will be available within two hours. We take pride in this commitment. It’s about providing prompt support during stressful times. A standout feature of our service is that our legal advisors are practising dentists and legally qualified. So, from the outset of any complaint or investigation, the dentist will have the same advisor throughout, strengthening the bond and the level of support.

And it’s not solely when a claim arises, right? If a dentist senses something amiss with a patient, they can still reach out, even if it’s not claim-related?

Ewan: Precisely. Any expression of dissatisfaction or concern should prompt a call to us. Our role is to provide proactive advice and support. With nearly two decades in the insurance field, I believe in transparency and open communication. Importantly, we don’t charge for this advisory service. It’s always best to maintain an open line of communication, ensuring everything’s transparent.

It’s rare to hear “legal advice” and “free of charge” in the same breath!

Ewan: That’s what differentiates Densura from other dental indemnity competitors. Your policy’s worth is truly realised when things go awry. It’s our commitment to standing by our clients during these times that makes a difference.

Densura offer contractual versus discretionary cover. Could you elaborate on the distinction?

Ewan: At Densura, we offer contractual, regulated, insurance-backed indemnity. It’s starkly different from some providers’ discretionary covers. Discretionary cover means they may or may not support a dentist when needed. We emphasise our regulated stance, backed by Royal Sun Alliance, a 200-year-old insurance giant. Discretionary cover has, unfortunately, left some dentists unsupported in critical times, which is why many are now opting for our regulated and contractual support.

Lastly, you speak of being a part of a community. How does Densura stand out in this regard?

Ewan: We foster an active community. Our Facebook page, “Dentrepreneurs”, offers a plethora of insights into the dental realm. We also have informational videos to demystify various aspects of insurance. We’re on the ground too, visiting dentists in their practices, conducting presentations, or even onboarding international groups. Our commitment is holistic; it’s not just about insurance, but about comprehensive support.

Author: Densura

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